Support independent music


With the current coronavirus situation, independent artists need your support more than ever before! Even though I had to postpone my tour and can’t busk right now, I still can share my music with you. I set up a support page where you can find all the platforms to listen to my music. There you can also support me with donations via Paypal.

If you can’t spare any money right now, please share the music with your family and friends to help me reach more people with my compositions.

Every single stream, purchase, and donation makes a big difference right now! Thank you so much for your help. Please stay healthy and stay at home.

Support Independent Music

Daily Livestreams


Since I cannot go on tour due to the corona crisis, I decided to do a regular Livestream every evening on Instagram at 8 pm (CET). That’s a way how I hopefully can make your time at home more enjoyable with my music during these difficult times. I would love for you to join me. Let’s spend our evenings together and stay connected.

Andreas Wolff - Live from Home

Living Room Concert Tour


I want to bring my music to your living room! From Monday the 6th until Thursday the 16th of April 2020 I want to travel through Germany and play every day in a different city. If you have a living room and you would like to hear me play a private concert for you, your family and friends I would be very happy to get to know you.

You can find out more about the tour and how you can be part of it here.

Update: Due to the current coronavirus situation, unfortunately, I have to postpone the tour. I will keep you updated.

Living Room Concert Tour

"Mosaic" is out now!


After one year of hard work, my first album „Mosaic“ is finally out now!

You can listen, download, or buy your physical copy here. The sheet music is available as a download or piano book in the shop.

Mosaic Cover Artwork

Back in London


Over the summer I’m going to be back in London to play there. I will arrive on 1 August and stay for 6 weeks till 13 September. If you should find me busking in front of the Tate Modern, you will already have the opportunity to get my new CD “Mosaic” before it’s going to be released officially on 28 September.

New EP "Mosaic" and Concert


My first album “Mosaic” is already on its way and will be released soon. But for now, I’m glad to announce that I’m going to give another concert in the Hall of Giants at Ehrenburg Palace on 28 September 2019. On this evening I’m going to present my new compositions as well as the ones I’ve already released.

You can get your ticket at Riemann bookstore in Coburg or order it in my shop.

Mosaic Live Plakat

"Wayfaring" Radio Premiere


On 18 August at 14:00 Central European Time my second EP “Wayfaring” will be presented on Radio Lotte Weimar. In a one-hour show I will tell you something about the background stories of each piece and the creation process.

This is the first time that my piano music will be played on FM radio. So this is a huge milestone for me. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

Charts & Radio


A couple of weeks ago the Dark Templars Remix of “Solo” was released. Now, the track just entered the German Dance Charts (#48) and Swiss Dance Charts (#96). And on top of that, the remix was also played on Fritz Radio. This is the first time that my music was played on a FM radio, so this is basically a dream coming true for me!

Thanks to the Dark Templars for their amazing remix and thanks to Musiclovers Records for releasing and promoting it!

Busk in London


After the amazing concert in Coburg I make myself on my way to London, England again. I will stay there from 14 August until 10 Septemer to busk there. I’m quite excited to be back and have my new EP “Wayfaring” with me since I took most of my inspiration for the CD from my time there and now I can play the pieces at their place of origin.

"Solo" meets EDM


I was contacted by the Dark Templars, who are a German/Austrian Hardstyle Duo, because they really liked “Solo” and wanted to do a Remix. They did, and now we decided to release it on the label on which they’re signed, Musiclovers Records. You can listen or download the track here.
Solo (Dark Templars Remix) Cover

"Wayfaring" is out now!


My new EP “Wayfaring” is out now! This EP is my musical diary. It includes my experiences and the impressions I gathered from my travels in 2017. You can listen, download, or buy your physical copy here. The sheet music is available as a download or piano book in the shop.
Wayfaring Albumcover

New EP and Concert


My new EP “Wayfaring” will be out on 11 August 2018! To celebrate the release, I will give a concert in the Hall of Giants at Ehrenburg Palace, where I’ll present the pieces of my new EP as well as the ones I’ve already released.
The official ticket pre-sale starts on 16 May 2018. You can get your ticket at Riemann bookstore in Coburg or already pre-order it in my shop.

New Homepage


Finally, my new homepage is online! Besides a news page, now there’s also a shop available where you can buy all my music and sheet music as a download or physically.