Andreas Wolff is a pianist and composer born in November 1993 in Coburg, Germany. At the age of 19, he discovered his love for the piano and found his calling. His music is defined by its sentimental, atmospheric and neo-classical style.

Before his career as a pianist, Andreas was a DJ for the largest internet radio station for electronic dance music (EDM) in Germany. He performed in several clubs and major events around the country.

Strongly influenced by film music and his background in EDM, he began learning the piano as an autodidact in the summer of 2013. One and a half years later, he applied to a selective music school in Kronach, where he then was trained in classical piano and music theory for two years. With this newly acquired knowledge, he found his way to improvisation and composition.

In November 2015, he charmed the audience in Coburg with a benefit concert that brought his hometown a little closer to neo-classical piano music. In 2017, he released his first EP 'Alone In The Wild'. That year, he travelled with his piano through Europe, busking on the streets of cities to bring his music closer to the people. He spent most of his time in London, where he has returned every summer.

In 2018, Andreas released 'Wayfaring', which is a musical diary of his travels through Europe. In 2019, he featured his album 'Mosaic' with a successful pre-release in London. In February 2022, he digitally launched his single 'Para Ti', followed by his newest composition 'Blackbird' in August 2023.

Among his accomplishments are multiple #1 successes in the classical music charts, several performances for German television and radio channels, two concerts at the Ehrenburg Palace in Coburg, and a featured music video by director Sion R. Joseph, which has earned international festival awards. Additionally, Andreas has played in multiple private and commercial venues inside and outside of Germany.

He is currently completing a master’s degree focused on piano and composition at the prestigious FRANZ LISZT University of Music in Weimar.

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